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 Our robes are created for ultimate comfort at home. Made with 100% Nigerian cotton featuring nature-inspired, hand-drawn prints. 

The art of batik has been practiced in Southwestern Nigeria for at least 1000 years. We are honored to continue to preserve this important tradition while integrating contemporary design disciplines.

F is for Funtua — 100% NIGERIAN COTTON 
Our products are made with Funtua. A cotton fabric named after the town in Katsina state (Northern Nigeria) where cotton is grown and spun. Despite Nigeria being synonymous with textiles like ankara, and adire, our locally produced textile industry continues to experience decline
Our prints are transformed from digital illustrations developed in our studio to hand-drawn prints by our talented batik artist in Oshogo, a city in South Western Nigeria with a long legacy of hand printing. 

Our prints are developed in our studio in Lagos, Nigeria. Underneath the concrete facade of this West African city is a tropical heartbeat. We have witnessed the city trade its flora and fauna which we remember vividly from our childhood, for an even more sprawling concrete metropolis. 
We felt the need to archive the flora and fauna of the city as watch it disappear.


It’s important to us to contribute to the ecosystem of the textile industry in Nigeria. In a nation with an over 35% unemployment rate. Keeping textiles alive provides jobs for everyone on the supply chain from growers to textile mills. Producing with locally sourced materials is also more sustainable as it helps us curb the carbon footprint of imports.

Oya Abeo’s textiles are designed to survive 1000 washes. We want to be a delightful part of your every day. We create products like reusable napkins and produce bags to help you reduce household waste. 

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