Our Story

Who We Are
At Oya Abeo, we create exquisitely designed products for the home by marrying centuries-old Nigerian artisanship with our exclusive and playful designs. The result extends from ceramics to handblown glassware, handwoven raffia, and hand-drawn batik prints fashioned into kitchen essentials and luxurious feeling homewear.

The Oya Abeo Story

Founded by Samiat Salami, Oya Abeo is an eponymous brand but not in the Western sense. The brand was named after Samiat’s Oriki, which she shares with her grandmother. An Oriki is a name Yoruba people have. Think of it as a poetic praise name that is uttered at the best times to inspire valiance, beauty and an outpour of love in the bearer of the name. Samiat shares this Oriki with her grandmother who taught her to love fabrics at a very early age. Samiat grew up watching her grandmother get exquisitely dressed for parties in lace, damask and aso oke. The older Abeo taught Samiat that no aesthetic choice is too simplistic to labor over.

Samiat’s time spent in countries outside of Nigeria with a long history of craftsmanship including Mexico, Cuba, India, and Brazil, reignited memories of her childhood and her passion for archiving fading techniques and creating beautiful designs with artisans here in Nigeria.


Our Craftsmanship

We journey around Nigeria to bring you the best materials and craftsmanship. Beginning with our 100% Nigerian cotton fabric, grown in Funtua, Katsina. Then we collaborate with artisans in Osogbo who elegantly draw our prints and patterns before the fabric is intricately dyed. Our hand-woven fabric comes to us from Iseyin, where incredibly skilled artisans whose knowledge of weaving has been passed from generation to generation, hand-loom silk threads to create luxurious results.


Our Designs

We are not only for lovers of the Afrocentric. Our products are designed to complement a variety of spaces from modern to bohemian, industrial and beyond. Our one-of-a-kind prints are inspired by Nigerian culture, flora, fauna and landscape.