The best places to get coffee in Lagos

Boutique coffee spots are the new IT in Lagos. With a number of people transitioning to WFH, coffee shops are constantly opening up to serve locals their caffeine fix.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but an iced coffee gets me every time, hence why I’ve put together this list of all the best places to get your caffeinated beverages in Lagos. Each café has its own little quirks and charms, and by the time you’re done reading this, you know just exactly where to go next!

Here are seven of the best and most unique coffee shops in Lagos.


 1. Mai shay coffee


Arguably one of the best Coffee shops in Lagos right now. If you are a diehard coffee lover, that knows all the roasts and blends, Maishay should be your top spot. They’ve got everything right — a great ambience, friendly baristas, and their menu boasts of a wide selection of mouth-watering Nigerian dishes. They also sell brewing devices and specialty coffee blends you can make yourself at home.

 2. Eric Kaiser


One of the prime spots for Lagos working millennials to hit up is Eric Kaiser. With two locations in Ikoyi and VI, (PS- the one at Ikoyi is less crowded and serene enough to call a coffee shop) you can hang out and enjoy a wide variety of caffeinated beverages, and delicious French pastries because why not?


3. Godaif Village



From the coffees to the entire customer experience, Godaif has it figured out. This quaint, cutesy coffee and brunch spot is best known for their English breakfast and espresso, which you can enjoy while sitting in the small outdoor seating section.


 4. Ouevre pattisiere


The moment you enter this cafè, you’re greeted with the warm smell of roasted coffee. Come here to enjoy a great cup of coffee and the array of delicious pastries that they have.


 5. Cafe Neo

Cafe Neo is a passionate place for light-roast coffee lovers. This coffee shop is known for their great coffees, stellar baristas, excellent customer service, and a large selection of baked goods . They also have a very large selection of pastries to eat with your coffee. 

Their Yaba spot is a great place to work from and I highly recommend their iced coffees!


 6. Kaldi Africa



This is also another great place to get coffee on the mainland, located in the quiet neighborhood of Ilupeju. While this neighborhood isn’t exactly the most exciting to come to in Lagos, it does contain this gem of a café; worth the effort as they have an extensive menu of different blends of coffee. From the usual Americano/espresso/latte set on the menu, to hand-drip coffee, they also sell coffee blends and beans from Kenya and Ethiopia.


 7. Art cafe

Walking into Art cafe feels like you just stepped into an alternate universe.

This café is beautifully designed and very comfortable. From its colorful, artsy and rustic interior, it’s always very inviting to have a coffee here. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon reading, meeting a friend or getting some work done. Did I mention there’s an art gallery located there as well? Super!


8. Vestar coffee



This list would not be complete without including Vestar Coffee. This coffee spot is the 'new kid on the block' and to be quite frank, Starbucks has nothing on this cafè. Known for their delicious, and beautiful looking drinks and in their  instagrammable coffee cups you’d wish to keep after drinking your coffee.


There are other wonderful coffee shops and cafes in Lagos. However, these 7 spots are the best places that we’ve tried and tested. If you are still learning, or have mastered the art of brewing a good cup of coffee from home, we sell these cute ceramic coffee cups you'll want to wrap your hands around.

Let’s see your favorite spots in the comments.

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