#Intothehome: Tips to creating a cozy and cute-sy WFH space in your home

Who would have thought we would all still be working at home after the pandemic started…. If you transitioned to a work from home (WFH) setup last year, then it might be time for a home office refresh!

What started out as a laptop flop wherever you could find a spot, turned into something steadfast, huh? It’s about that time to explore some cute home office decor ideas for the long haul.


Whether you have a small nook, window view or entire room at your WFH disposal, a chic and relaxing home office IS attainable. For us, it’s a fine balance of functional and relaxing pieces, mixed with some personality + plants (of course!). We gathered a few of our fave inspirational home offices as well as tips to guide you on setting up yours.


1. Plants


2. Invest in a good chair


3. Let the lights in



4. Wallpapers might just be thing!



5. Organize your desk with drawer dividers





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