About Us

Oya Abeo is an eponymous brand but not the western sense. Eponymous in the Yoruba sense, as in, it was named after our Founder -- Samiat Salami’s Yoruba Oriki. An Oriki is a praise name that all Yoruba people have. Think of it as a secret poetic name that is uttered at the best times to inspire valiance, beauty and an outpour of love in the bearer of the name. Samiat shares this Oriki with her grandmother, who is also named Abeo. Her grandmother is as woman as they come-- a lover of life, who showed the young Abeo that no aesthetic choice is too simplistic to labor over. She taught our young protagonist to love textiles, Sunny Ade,  gold, foreign sweets, delicious food served in impeccable tableware, and how to embrace color. And from a concoction of these nuggets of wisdom and the spirit of saying the word Oya! (c’mon in Yoruba), the homeware brand, Oya Abeo was born.

On the other side of the internet, we (Abeo and the rest of the team) are real humans who work with artisans in Nigeria to create many of the deliciously vibrant textiles you see here. Our fabrics are handwoven, hand-dyed and hand printed using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Our handwoven textile -- Aso Oke or Aso Ofi (meaning top cloth) has been a Yoruba staple since the 15th century. Our hand-printed textile -- Adire, is made with locally grown Nigerian cotton and has been for over 100 years. 

We invite you to stay, browse, invite us into your home and enjoy the artifacts of our culture as much as we do!


Abeo xoxo



Your money goes a long way. As Africans ourselves, we believed in far more than “saving the children” for 10 cents a day. Instead we partner with organizations that provide resources that our communities need to thrive--everything from clean water to renewable energy and education technology. Find out more about our partners here.